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Western Union Cash transfer

With over 135 experience and over 437,000* agent locations across 200* countries and territories, it's no wonder millions of people trust Western Union to quickly and safely transfer their money to friends and household worldwide.
Both senders and receivers can begin to play Bank's Western Union money transfer service at the bank's branches and exchange booths throughout Thailand.

Dumps with pin $60 usa

Western Union's advanced technology and unique worldwide computer network means receivers can get their money within minutes** without charge***.

 Bank's Western Union money transfer service is easy - neither sender nor receiver requires a bank account to send or get money.

 Simply send and get money via Western Union at Bank
 branches for an opportunity to win a gold necklace OR receive money via
 Bualuang Western Union RING and acquire a double chance to win a Gold
 necklace (35 prizes in total). PLUS, you can also collect transaction
 receipts to redeem desirable premium gifts or electric equipment as usual.
 Available until 31 December 2015 View Details

Wu transfer $100 for $2200

To transmit Money

 Visit any Bank outlet displaying a Western Union sign and fill out a 'To Send Money' form
 Present the completed form, the money you intend to transfer and any applicable transfer fees, as well as your photo ID
 Lastly, supply the receiver with the essential transfer details, such as the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), your company name, the country the money will be sent from and the total amount of funds to become transferred

To Receive Money

 Visit any Bank outlet displaying a Western Union sign and complete a 'To Receive Money' form. Supply the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), the total name of the sender, the country the money was sent from and the expected amount to be received
 Present the completed form along with an official photo ID
 Collect your hard earned money and a receipt

*The send money service is probably not available in certain countries, however customers might still be able to receive money during these countries. Network data as of October 2014.
**Subject towards the operating hours of Agent locations, time zone differences and other applicable restrictions.
***Applicable to person-to-person money transfers. Besides the transfer fee, Western Union could also charge a foreign currency conversion fee and this is subject to applicable taxes.

Post by dumpswithpin55 (2015-12-22 10:35)

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